Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pure Colors

Yesterday over lunch, my new colleague was commenting how good my complexion is. I smiled back. This morning, while doing my make-up, i was reminded of her words. I know my foundation helps abit.

I was looking for something that is super light and can do my make up everyday. Something for a change for my new job too, though i have not been putting on anything on my face for the past 5 years. Then I come across this push cart at Jurong Point promoting this mineral loose powder. The most amazing thing is there is no expiry date! I think most girls, like me, always buy make-up and place it at homes for ages. When it is time to use it, there is an awful smell. So this brand solves my problem! haha... I really like this super loose powder. I am applying it everyday now.

Check it out "www.purecolorsinc.com"

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